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How to See Recent Followers on Instagram

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Social media platforms have been affecting many of us personally and professionally for years. Social media helps people keep in touch with their family members and friends. As for social media’s professional contribution, many people manage business accounts to build up their brands and businesses.

Followers might significantly increase your engagement on Instagram. Having more followers on Instagram helps an Instagram business or brand look more authentic and professional. If an Instagram brand has thousands of followers, this brand will more likely to develop a reliable and professional look. However, if a brand has few followers, people are more likely to doubt the reliability of this profile. On the other hand, it is important not to get followers through third-party apps to increase your followers. The best way to have a good presence on Instagram is to increase your social media management. Also, it is significant to be in touch with your followers through your posts, comments section, Instagram Stories, and Direct Messages feature. By engaging with your current followers, you can increase the possibility of getting new followers on the app.p.

The more followers you have on Instagram, the more your Instagram experience will be fun. That’s why you may want to keep track of how many followers you have while being active on Instagram.

Can I see my recent followers on Instagram?

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If you have been using Instagram for a while now, remember that the app displayed your followers in chronological order in the past. This means that when you wanted to the list of followers on your Instagram profile, you could see the names of your followers in chronological order. Those who followed you were on the top of the list while the oldest followers were displayed at the bottom of the list.

However, Instagram’s latest update made it impossible to see someone’s recent followers chronologically. When you open your followers list, you will see that the appearance of the people on this list doesn’t mean anything. Of course, the order of the list is based on an Instagram algorithm, but it’s not something we can make interpretations of. Because Instagram has not revealed anything about how this algorithm works, it’s not easy to understand why some of the people appear at the top of your followers list.

Even though you can’t see your recent followers by visiting your followers list, there are other ways to understand this.

How Can I See My Recent Followers on Instagram?

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If you really want to see your recent followers on the Instagram app, there is a different way to solve this. All you need to do is to go to your Instagram Activity to see who has followed you recently. Here is how to see your recent followers on Instagram:

  1. Open your Instagram app on your phone.
  2. Tap the heart icon on the bottom of your Instagram Feed to navigate to your Activity.
  3. On the opening page, you’ll see all the likes, comments, replies, and new followers.

No matter what type of Instagram account you have, you can see who has recently followed you on the app when you’re on this page. If you have a private Instagram account, people need to send a follow request to you to follow you. You can also see all the follow requests on this page. Once you accept their requests, they will be able to see all of your Instagram posts. They can also like your posts and make comments on them.

Can I see someone’s recent followers on Instagram?


A hand holding the notification of 1 follower was added to the account.

After the recent update of Instagram’s algorithm, there is no definite way to see someone’s recent followers on the app. Of course, you can try to understand who recently has followed the specific person, but it’s not reliable. Likewise, you can’t understand who someone recently has followed on the app. In the past, Instagram had a separate page that shows who someone recently followed. However, with the latest updates of Instagram, the company removed this page permanently to protect its users’ privacy.

Many users say that when using Instagram from the web browser, the followers and following list appear in chronological order. However, this is not a reliable claim either. To use Instagram from the web version, open Instagram on your web browser. Type your Instagram username and password when you open the website. After you log in to your account, search for the profile of the person and select their Followers list.

How the Instagram followers list is ordered?

A girl is shocked watching over her phıne and realizing the high number of follower requests she has been receiving.


If you’ve ever looked at your or someone else’s followers list on Instagram, you can notice that there is no specific algorithm for the way the list is ordered. Instagram does not reveal how your followers list is ordered, but it’s not a definitive algorithm that we can understand.



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