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Bella Poarch is on a pink sweatshirt playing video games with HyperX.

The fourth-most followed TikTok user, Bello Poarch, joined TikTok and made the TikTok video with the highest number of likes and went mega-viral. Her fame and viral success, however, extend further than just that venue as she gradually enters the music industry with two singles thus far. You may have seen the video of her lip though.

Yet how did Bella Poarch become well-known? In just a few months, her popularity seemed to skyrocket. But her story is more than just her adorable appearance and hypnotic lip sync videos.

Now let us examine her origins in more detail and discover the actions she did to increase her popularity. To do that we should first take a look at who she is.

Who is Bella Poarch?

A photo of Bella Poarch who is a social media personality as a Filipino-American singer.

Let’s take a look at Bella Poarch’s earliest life. She was born on the 8th of February, 1997. Her parents by birth were both Filipino. But she was brought up by her grandmother. She was later adopted when she was three years old by a military family that included a white American father and a Filipino mother.

She also had one adopted brother and two elder adopted sisters. She claims that during her whole upbringing, her father verbally and physically abused her.

After she turned 13 years old, her family moved to Texas from the Philippines. Unfortunately, because she was an Asian teen, she was frequently harassed and attacked. She is a strong supporter of Asian Americans and stands out against anti-Asian racism as a result of these experiences.

A family portrait from Bella Poarch and her family.

Bella Poarch served for four years in the American Navy. Around 2015, she enlisted and spent considerable time in Hawaii and Japan. Today, she resides in Los Angeles.

Bella Poarch on Social Media

Bella Poarch published her debut TikTok in April 2020, but it wasn’t until August 2020 that she became well-known. Her first video showed her reacting to a chat with other gamers while playing online, who were insulting one another while seated on her bed with controls and a headset.

Bella Poarch has accounts on social media; TikTok with 91 million followers, Instagram with 14 million followers, Twitter with 1.2 million followers, and YouTube with 6.12 million followers.

Many of those accounts were established by her at the same time as or earlier than her TikTok account, but they didn’t take off until she became more well-known on TikTok.

Bella Poarch’s August 17, 2020, lip-sync video of Millie B’s “M to the B”/ b video, is the TikTok video that gave rise to her rapid fame and made her a TikTok star.

With more than 53.5 million likes and more than 649.9 million views, that video has continued to hold the top spot as the most liked TikTok video ever.

Bella Poarch on TikTok

Mysterious influencer Bella Poarch made other TikTok videos so her earliest video on TikTok is not TikTok’s most liked video of course.

Videos involving gaming, lip-syncing, and dance videos and challenges were the first posts on her TikTok account. In several of her posted videos, TikTok star Bella Poarch also features her teddy pet Paca.

However, the trend for her TikTok material began with her most popular rhythmically bouncing lip-syncing video of her lip. The video received more than half a billion views She also made other lip-syncing videos but the most liked video on TikTok is the one we all know.

These days, TikTok star mainly creates lip-syncing films that zoomed in video. Her other videos contain viral challenges and advertising elements.

Bella Poarch Music record deal

Bella Poarch is on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine looking stunning wearing a red dress.

Bella Poarch did not just make lip sync videos, she also has singing posts, and eventually she made a music video. She was signed by Warner records and after that Poarch released her first song “Build a B—tch.”.

There is darkly comic slice doll-like bodies customizable for everyone. Mia Khalifa is also in the video.

The song refers to the unfair standards that society has for women’s appearance. She decided to address this in her first single because she experienced bullying because of how she looked as a small child and wanted to assist other people to gain confidence.

On August 13, 2021, Poarch launched INFERNO, her second single. The video features other notable internet personalities like Sub Urban aka Daniel Virgil Maisonneuve. Bella Poarch worked together on the associated music video clip with him.

Additionally, some of the abuse and pain Bella Poarch endured during her life were discussed in this song. For the video, she provided a trigger warning since it depicted her sexual assault and how she wished it had ended—with her defeating her assailant.

Bella Poarch’s Brand Collabs

Bella Poarch is the top winner of 2022 on TikTok.

Bella Poarch continued to be a part of TikTok’s most viewed users by making sponsored videos.

In Eos Video Campaign she is applying a body lotion in the video and the video got 3.7 million likes and more than 24 million views.

Along with its merchant, Sephora, Poarch took part in a Valentino Voce Viva fragrance ad campaign in September 2020. Other well-known individuals from the campaign were Lady Gaga, Chriselle Lim, and Bryanboy. The video got more than 19 million views, within those 19 million more than 13 million were viewers of Poarch’s video.

Moncler Bubble Up Challenge is where she blows bubbles in the direction of the camera while sporting one of their winter bubble coats. After that Poarch challenges other people to participate. The video got more than 7 million likes.

Los Angeles-based RIPNDIP is a clothing and accessory company. For a brief period, Bella Poarch collaborated with RIPNDIP to sell products. Poarch wore clothes with her stuffed llama Paca and the cat mascot of RIPNDIP. She fashioned a black hoodie as well. There were 300 of them and of course, Poarch sold a good number of items.

All in all, this is how mysterious influencer Bella Poarch became a TikTok star and from scratch, she has the most liked video on TikTok, with the help of social media she became a rising sun and went mega-viral and wrote her own history in just a few months. But for most of us, she will be remembered by TikTok’s most liked video and her lip syncs.




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